Technology Focus

Technology Vision

Technology will be a transparent tool used to improve Learning, Teaching, Working, and Living in Aztec.

Technology Plan

Technology Mission

We will provide innovative solutions, rapid and reliable communications, operational systems, and accurate and timely incident response in support of learning, teaching, working, and living in the Aztec Municipal School District.


Commitment Statements

As members of the Technology Department we commit to:


1) Improved learning for all students as the primary focus of the district by:

  • Providing leading-edge technology systems that enable our students and staff to excel in learning and prepare for the future

  • Keeping our technology investments in an up-to-date, highly available, and highly safe and secure state so that students and staff can learn in a reliable environment

  • Making all decisions focus on student and staff learning

  • Working with all stakeholders to provide state-of-the-art information systems for students and staff success. 


2)  The creation of a healthy collaborative culture that models the behaviors that we expect of others throughout the district through: 

  • Establishing clear expectations that district initiatives (relationships, relevance, rigor and purposeful collaboration) will drive the work of our department to improve learning for all students and staff

  • Working as a high performing collaborative team to conduct our work as the Technology Department

  • Working with all stakeholders to provide state-of-the-art information systems for students and staff success.


3)  A climate focused on results orientation by:

  • Utilizing our work order system to gather information to assist with our data-driven decision making processes

  • Monitoring success by evaluating improved student and staff learning through our work order system, surveys, and anecdotal information gathered through interpersonal communications and meetings

  • Completing all technology projects in a timely-manner and within established budget constraints

  • Celebrating the success of our work in the district as it improves student and staff learning

Technology Plan Wordle

This Wordle ( shows the main ideas of our Technology Plan.