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“Aztec Municipal School District is committed to providing an equitable, culturally & linguistically responsive educational experience for ALL of our students. We strive to create an educational environment where diversity is valued and each day students feel Inspired, Safe, and Fulfilled.”


  • Create an action-oriented team that represents subgroups identified in the Yazzie/Martinez Lawsuit

  • Make recommendations and work to help create programs to integrate CLRI into our schools

  • Provide professional development opportunities for staff in best practices related to CLRI & Equity.

  • Help to create equitable student-centered learning environments throughout the district through the creation of new opportunities for students. (CTE Pathways, ADC Portfolios, Internships, Dual Credit, etc.)

  • Review and make recommendations on programs, funding, and policies of the district.

Agenda & Minutes

Click Here for updated Equity Council Agendas and Minutes.