Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Will temperature checks be taken at the bus stops?
A plan is still in development at this time. We will follow CDC guidelines and ask that all parents make sure that they do home checks to ensure that if students are ill, they do not put them on the bus. All students on the bus will be required to use hand sanitizer before getting on the bus, be required to social distance according to guidelines and wear face coverings at all times. 
Temperature checks will be completed when students arrive at school.  If it is found that a student has an elevated temperature, a school nurse will complete a secondary check and if necessary, the student will be sent home.

2.    Will buses be sanitized frequently?
All buses are sanitized before and after each route. Students will also be required to use the hand sanitizer upon boarding.

3.    Will students have to wear face covering on the bus? 
Yes, all students will have to wear face coverings on the bus at all times. This is mandated by the PED and will be enforced the District. Face coverings will also be required while students are at school. Families who have students who may have health concerns related to the wearing of a mask can coordinate with the District Health Coordinator to review the individual student’s needs to develop a plan for the student. 

4.    Will students have to follow social distancing at bus stops?
It is recommended by the CDC and PED that social distancing be followed at all times and that face coverings are also worn at bus stops until further notice. 

5.    Will bus stops and times for pick-up and drop off change?
Yes, due to the model of instruction we are using, the pick-up locations and times will be modified. Schedules will be communicated when the plan is finalized in the near future. 

6.    Will there be an on-line learning option?
Yes. There will a total on-line learning option. 

  • Those students in kindergarten through 12th grade who choose total virtual learning will be enrolled into an online program.   Devices will be provided for all students who enrolled in the total virtual learning program. Students who choose this option must commit to stay in the virtual program for a nine-week period.  At the end of nine weeks, the student may opt to change to the hybrid or in-person program.

7.    What if my student cannot wear a mask?
Students must wear a face mask at all times except while eating. Families who have students who may have health concerns related to the wearing of a mask can coordinate with the District Health Coordinator to review the individual student’s needs to develop a plan for the student. 

8.    Will the school provide a mask or face covering for every student?
The school district will supply one face mask for each student.  If parents prefer to supply a mask from home, they are encouraged to do so. If the school supplied mask is lost, the parent will need to supply a replacement.   The district has a supply of disposable masks for those who forget a mask, but we urge students to be responsible for keeping track of their own masks.    

9.    How will it be decided which students attend what days?
Students will attend on an A-B schedule. We are awaiting survey results so that feedback from parents and teachers can be considered.  Until state guidelines are changed, K-5 students will attend in person two days per week. Students will attend two days in a row or on alternating days. This information will be forthcoming in the near future.
Attendance groups are designated by residential area.  All students in a household will attend school on the same days.  As principals are accepting new students to the district, we are having to assign students to cohorts based on loads. 

10.    Will I be able to pick my student up from school?
Yes, we will have specific areas at each school where parents/guardians can pick up their children and check them out.  All individuals coming to school sites and campuses will be required to wear face coverings and wait in designated areas. 

11.    Will Central Office and other offices be open on regular schedules?
District and school offices will be open on regular schedules, but there will be procedures for entering those offices. Business at Central Office will be done by appointment.  Visitors will need to buzz at the door to be admitted.  All individuals coming to school sites and campuses will be required to wear face coverings and wait in designated areas. In addition to this we will also be checking temperatures of all visitors. 

12.     Will there be athletics for students this school year?
A new athletics schedule has been posted on our website for this school year.  To see the revised schedule, please visit

13.    When will registration take place? 
Registration dates are posted on our website. Dates are: August 3 – 7 for elementary and August 4- 6 for the secondary schools. 

14.    When does school start? 
School will start on August 10, 2020.  All elementary students will attend 2 days per week and do virtual learning or assigned work 3 days per week.   All secondary schools will be doing virtual learning until August 31, 2020.  Secondary schools will start the face-to-face model at a time designated by the Public Education Department. 

15.    Will work be graded and will it count?
Yes, all work will be graded and count for credit. For both at-home and at-school lessons, teachers will be following their school’s regular grading and attendance policy. In addition students will have to meet regular eligibility requirements for participation in athletics and activities. This is required by the New Mexico Activity Association (NMAA). 

16.    How will teachers maintain contact with students during the virtual learning?
Teachers will be conducting lessons on-line, and they will have Fridays to do individual check in with students who might need extra assistance.  Google Classroom and other connected resources will be the platform that teachers will use to deliver at-home online lessons. 

17.    Will students who are not attending school that day have work to do when at home?
Yes. Students will have work to support the prior day’s learning so that they can work on skills at home. Aztec is a five-day a week school district. Students are expected to complete schoolwork every day of the week. 

18.    Will there be help for parents to help them understand how to use technology?
Yes, we will provide online tutorial classes on the use of the technology platforms we are using. In addition to this, we will offer a technology hot line for extra assistance as necessary. Please see Tigers Go Digital on the Aztec High School website. This contains tutorials and other assistance to help in this area. 

19.    Will there be tutoring available for students that need extra assistance?
There will not be face-to-face tutoring, however teachers and families will be in contact to help with specific issues and needs. We will start after school tutoring at the K -5 schools beginning on September 28, 2020. Contact your school for hours of operation. 

20.     How will parents be informed of changes?
We will utilize our phone messaging system, Facebook, emails, text messaging, newsletters and all other means possible to make sure we keep you informed.  Please be sure that you have provided up to date contact information.

21.    Will staff have temperature checks each day?  
Yes, each day our staff will have temperature checks and answer some questions related to overall health. 

22.    Will staff undergo surveillance testing? 

Yes.  In addition to temperature checks, staff will also be undergoing surveillance testing each week for 5% of the staff that have face-to-face contact with students. This is a requirement for re-entry that is mandated by the Public Education Department. 

23.    Will staff have to wear a face covering?  
Yes, all staff will be required to wear a face mask. When not doing direct instruction these teachers will also be required to wear a mask. During direct instruction all staff will be maintaining the six foot social distancing requirement. 

24.    Will food service still be offered on days students are not in school?

Food Service will be provided for students whether they are in school or at home.  We are currently looking at options to make meals available to students who are not in class.  Students will be provided with one meal per child.  It will be complete with all required components.  Both Breakfast and lunch will be provided together at the same time to facilitate easier service and delivery outside of the actual school.

25.    Will attendance be taken for students and will it count?
Yes, on the days students are to be in class normal attendance will be taken.  Students will be held accountable for the on-line learning as well. Attendance will be taken in both the face-to-face and online instruction. 

26.    Will students who receive special education services be able to attend more often? 
Possibly, but not initially. As the year begins our teachers will work with and assess students to get a sense of their needs. Once this has been completed, we will review the information and if individual students need to attend more often to meet their disability related needs, plans will be made to support them. 

27.    Will the hybrid model take away social interaction between students?

No, the hybrid model is meant to provide much needed social interaction for students while still providing for health and safety in smaller class sizes.

28.    Will there be any additional support for me or my child with the emotional impact of the “new normal” of school?

Aztec Municipal Schools is well aware of the import and impact of the Corona Virus Pandemic on our students and their families’ stress levels and mental health. As we begin the 2020-21 school year, we will continue with providing the Aztec school family with updated and current resources in the community and assistance with referrals when necessary.  We will continue the use of and response to the Sandy Hook Promise See Something, Say Something anonymous reporting, on-line lessons/information for social emotional learning, as well as phone and/or in person consultations for parents/guardians with our Mental Health Coordinator.  Students previously identified with emotional needs will continue to receive the interventions on their 504 plans or IEP’s.   Additionally, administration and our mental health team will be developing crisis teams at each site to assess and triage students identified by staff and families who are struggling and in need of further intervention.  If you currently have a question or a concern, please contact the Mental Health Coordinator, Glynnis Maes Urban at 505-419-9926 or at

29.    What happens if a close family member or my student shows symptoms of COVID?
Our health partners have stressed that COVID is highly contagious. If someone in the household has symptoms, it is encouraged that students in the home remain home until they have been tested. 

30.     What happens if a close family member or my student tests positive for COVID, when can they return to school?

Students can return to school 14 days after an individual in the household has tested positive. 

31.    What happens if a teacher shows symptoms of COVID or tests positive for COVID?
Staff will follow the same process as students, if they have symptoms they will go home/not report. After testing, if they are found to not be positive for COVID they can return to work. If they are positive, they will not report to work for 14 days from the date that they were tested. In addition, we have established protocols and procedures to guide our response.  This is posted on our website.