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Contact Information


Superintendent's Office

1118 W. Aztec Blvd

Aztec, NM 87410

Kirk M. Carpenter, Superintendent

Tania Prokop, Deputy Superintendent

Judy Englehart, Associate Superintendant


334-9861 (Fax)


Strong ethical leadership is essential in the establishment of an environment that is safe, caring, productive, efficient and conducive for student and staff growth. 


My mission is to provide staff with the necessary tools, materials, support, training and opportunities to improve student and staff learning.  I will contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, respect and support to improve both staff and student growth.

Student Achievement Goals

  1. I will provide leadership and the necessary support to the administrative staff, in the area of Relationships, Relevance, Rigor, and Collaboration so they can in turn provide meaningful learning opportunities for their staff and students.  This will be measured by in-service training information, related topics shared at Administrative Council meetings and other related topics that can contribute to their overall ability to positively contribute to the growth of their staff and students.
  2. I will provide leadership and the necessary support to the administrative staff as we work to improve instructional practices.  We will continue our focus on Tier One Instruction, Data Driven Instruction and Observation and Feedback.  This will be measured by our targeted professional development and work with principals and other leaders in the district related to this work in our PPLCs.  
  3. I will provide leadership, training and support and continued involvement in Teachers Pursuing Excellence with new and alternative licensed teachers.  This will be measured by our involvement in, the programs listed about and the implementation of best practices in the classroom.
  4. I will provide the leadership necessary for the district to take the next steps necessary for us to assess and plan as we move forward with our use of technology instruction in the classroom, specifically in our expansion of grades five – eight as we have expanded our footprint to accommodate the new adoption of science tech-book adoption.     

Safety Goals

  1. I will continue to work with San Juan County EOC to stay updated on current issues in school safety. This will be measured by meeting agendas, updated safety plans, and participation in safety exercises with the SJCEOC through the 2019-2020 school year.
  2. I will work with our Principals and Operations Director to ensure that we abide by the changes as required by Legislation to implement the new requirements for all new types of drills that must be conducted in the 2019-2020 school year.   This is measured by completed reports done by the principals from their sites.

Financial Oversight Goals

  1. I will continue to monitor the overall budget and identify ways we can put more money directly into the classroom.  This will be done through periodic meetings with our Director of Finance throughout the 2019-2020 school year.
  2. Will work with the Director of Finance and the Foundation to ensure that our Mill Levy gets passed.  This will be measured by the passage of the Mill Levy Election in November of 2019.