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Honor Graduates 2019-2020

Kaleigh Zuniga

Kaleigh Zuniga

My name is Kaleigh Zuniga, I plan on attending New Mexico State University and pursue a degree in Occupational Therapy or Radiology.  I hope I have my degree and be gainfully employed in an occupation that I’m happy with.  My favorite memories from attending Aztec Schools is keeping my friends from middle school and making new ones along the way.  A few teachers that stand out for me would be Mr. Anita Martinez from Koogler, Mr. Gordon Smith my AP chemistry teacher, and Mrs. Anne Hartman.  Mrs. Martinez is a close family friend and encouraged me in the classroom, as well as outside the classroom.  She was always patient and understanding.  I had Mr. Smith for two years of chemistry.  They were two of the hardest classed I have ever taken, but he was always very helpful and supportive towards me.  Mrs. Hartman was also a great teacher and I always fun and made good memories in her class.  She was very supportive during a traumatic time in my life and I will always be very thankful for that.  I would like to thank all my teachers throughout my school career.

Garrett Parker

Garrett Parker

My name is Garrett Parker, I plan on attending New Mexico State University and finishing with a major in Digital Film Making.  I see myself traveling the world with people I love and adore, creating films and catching the eyes of many within the next five years.  My favorite memory from attending Aztec Schools is when we (the baseball team) won district with a near perfect record, making it to the state playoffs.  I want to thank my parents first and foremost, as they pushed me to do well in school and get the most out of it I possibly could.  Without their support, I would not have accomplished the things I have today.  I would also like to thank every single teacher that put their time and effort into making me not only a better student, but a better person as well.  I can’t explain how appreciative I am to those who have sacrificed their valuable and precious time to help me.

Charlotte Martin

Charlotte Judith Martin

My name is Charlotte Judith Martin, I will attend New Mexico State University literally or virtually and will major in Psychology with specific interest in victim advocacy and the psychology of trauma.  In the next five years I’m interested in studying abroad and heading on to Graduate school.  My favorite memories from attending Aztec Schools is keeping memories of joyful friends and talented generous teachers close to my heart!  Big Thank You Hugs To:  Chevy! Ms. Lucero!! Ms. Giltner! Ms. Olson! Miss Young! Mr. Cruz! Mr. Steinfeldt! Ms. Hirsch! And many others.

Raymond Chapman

Raymond Zane Chapman


My name is Raymond Zane Chapman, I will attend the United States Naval Academy.  In five years I plan to be a United States Naval Officer.  My favorite memories attending Aztec Schools is all of the wrestling trips both during the season and off-season.  I am very grateful to all of the teachers, coaches and counselors who took the time and effort to help me receive a NROTC Scholarship and appointments to the Naval Academy and Merchant Marine Academy by writing letters or recommendation and filling out academic evaluations.  I couldn’t have done it without you!

Michala Goss

Michala Goss


Hello, my name is Michala Goss, My plans for the next year are to be attending San Juan College and finish my last year or prerequisites so I can then apply for the Dental Hygiene Program next spring.  In five years, I see myself working in a Dental office, and furthering my education, to obtaining a filling license, as well as working my way up in the Dental field.  My favorite memory from attending Aztec Schools were my elementary years K-3, where I had three of the most supportive, compassionate, and inspiration teachers.  A huge thank you Mrs. Martinez, Ms. Giltner, and Mr. Swope for being the awesome teachers that you are!  Thank you to all teachers within the Aztec School District, and a special thank you to Ms. Olson for being a huge help in my college career.

Zoey Banash

Zoey Banash

Hello, my name is Zoey Banash, my plan is to attend New Mexico State University to study mechanical engineering.  In five years I will have graduated with my Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and working with renewable energy or electric vehicles.  My favorite memory from attending Aztec Schools is when I remember walking onto the campus the first day of my freshman year.  Although I had been there so many times before, that day felt different.  I was so excited about the four years ahead of me.  It felt like this was the first day of the rest of my life.  It is so crazy that I am moving from the high school.  It feels like last month I was a little freshman with the whole world ahead of her.  Thank you to everyone who has been in my life since Kindergarten.  There are countless people who have made my childhood such a special time.  Looking back, I never knew how many people actually impacted my life.  Most students can recall a couple of teachers whose class they enjoyed more than others, but the reality is that almost every person who works for Aztec Municipal Schools had made an impression on each graduate.  I want to thank everyone for always working hard to continue to keep Aztec Schools such a wonderful place. This district is not great just because of a few individuals, but all the employees working as a team to create an amazing environment to learn and grow up.  Thank you!


Darian Valdez

Hello, my name is Darian Valdez, I will be taking online courses through West Coast Bible College and Seminary which will go towards a Bachelors in Ministry, while interning with Sagebrush Church and working part time as a barista for Durango Joes.  In five years, I see myself having completed my formal education, and most likely leading a church youth group of some kind.  My overall favorite memory from my time in the Aztec Schools System has been getting to play pranks on some of my teachers with one of my close friends Garrett Parker.  I want to thank all of the teachers and other faculty who were always there to provide everything I needed to learn and excel in my education!


Jamie James

Hello, my name is Jaime James, I plan to attend San Juan College and receive my associate’s degree in film and digital media arts.  In five years I plan to continue my education and transfer to Fort Lewis College and major in studio arts.  My favorite memory from attending Aztec High School is meeting my classmates that would soon become my friends later on.  I would like to thank all my teachers and family that have supported me throughout my high school career. Without their knowledge and guidance I wouldn't have been able to continue to keep working as much as possible. I would also like to thank my parents for cheering me on to focus on my education and being there for me every step of the way.

Amber Raney

Amber Leigh Raney

My name is Amber Leigh Raney, I will attend San Juan College to finish my prerequisites, then transfer to the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs majoring in Allied Health Sciences.  I will hopefully be working at a Children’s Hospital ad a Radiation Therapist.  My favorite memories from attending Aztec Schools is coming from a small town with a population of 630, my favorite memory would be seeing so many more opportunities opening up for me when I transferred to Aztec Schools.  Thank you to everyone who has helped form me into the person I am today.  Mrs. Lucero made me feel like a person with purpose rather than a student just trying to pass a class.  Matt McDermott always made class fun and he made sure his students learned something new every day.

Andre Martine

Andre Martine

My name is Andre Martine, I plan to go to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff to study Biology.  I see myself coming back home to help my family out.  My favorite memories from Aztec Schools would be meeting new people that support and care about me.  Also, participating in cross country and track.  I would like to thank Mr. Newland for being a great coach for cross country and track by pushing me to become a better runner and having laughs.  Thank you Mr. Kresl for helping me with my homework to understand it better and pushing me to keep running during the summer.

Adler Smith

Adler Smith


My name is Adler Smith, I will attend Texas Tech University to major in mechanical engineering with a minor in electrical engineering.  In five years I plan to have graduated from Texas Tech University and to be holding a job in aerospace robotics engineering.  My favorite memories attending Aztec Schools is how helpful and caring all the teachers I encountered are.  I would like to thank all the teachers and faculty for working so hard to give all us a quality education.  I would especially like to thank:  Mr. Dingwall from Mosaic academy for letting me explore robotics and really jump-starting my love for robotics.  Mr. Scales for preparing me for higher level high school classes and college classes and for helping many of us (me especially) through the tragedy we all went through; last but not least, Mr. Sexton for being a great math teacher and really feeding my love for math.

Erin Buck

Erin Jane Buck


My name is Erin Jane Buck, My plans for the next year is to continue my education locally at San Juan College.  This allows me to stay close to home during a time where the future is uncertain, to keep the education economy close to home and to provide my community with much needed services.  I plan on continuing my education in a medical degree, a nursing degree and a community service degree.   My goals are set on a nursing degree, RN to BSN, to MSN with a concentration in mental health.  This community is in need of medical, mental, kindness and caring healthcare.  Times may change, and so may my goals, but for now I am guided by the teachings of the many educators that assisted me through the tough times, the uncertain times, the scary times and the now times.  Singling out a solitary educator would be a disservice.  Each and every educator that gave of themselves is deserving of recognition.  To them I say “Thank you!  Your calling is becoming of you!  I will hold you dear.”


Savana Yolanda Lesscher


Hello, my name is Savana Yolanda Lesscher, Next year I plan to attend the University of New Mexico.  In five years I hope to have graduated from college and be pursuing a career.  My favorite memory from attending Aztec Schools would have to include the many memories I've had from my nine years at Mosaic Academy or from hanging out with the soccer and JROTC kids at the high school - there's just so many to choose from.   I'm so thankful for all of the people who have impacted my educational career throughout all these years. I hope that as I continue to pursue my education and eventually go into the work force that I represent those who've helped me to the best of my abilities and make them proud to have known me. I'm thankful for my faith, family, friends, and teachers who have all pushed me to be the best version of myself and look forward to continuing to grow in a different chapter of my life.

Kenzie Bower

Kenzie Bower

Hello, my name is Kenzie Bower, I plan on attending the University of Arizona in the fall as a film and television major.  In five years, I see myself as a successful actress/director working in the film industry.  My favorite memory from attending Aztec Schools was my junior prom.  I want to say thank you to all the teachers who believed in me, pushed me to always do my best, and helped me with my schoolwork.



Cara Daugherty

Hello, my name is Cara Daugherty, I will be attending Fort Lewis College this fall to pursue an environment science degree and play softball!  In five years, I hope to be part of the forest service and fighting wild land fires.  My favorite memory from attending Aztec Schools would be winning stat my freshman year for softball.  I would like to say a huge thank you to my teachers and to my family.  To all my teachers, thank you for putting in the time and each and everyday to make sure I had the best education that I possibly could have had.  You guys are amazing and I wouldn’t have traded you guys for anyone else.  To my family, thank you for supporting me and following me through every step of my journey.  I love you guys.


Hope Cervantes

Hello, my name is Hope Cervantes.  My plans for next year are to attend Lubbock Christian University in Texas.  In five years I will probably be specializing in my area of engineering and moving on to get my graduate.  My favorite memory from attending Aztec schools would probably be all of the lovely teachers I got to have there. Thank you to all of the teachers who have helped me get to where I am. I honestly could not have done half of the things I have accomplished without the help and motivation of you guys.