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We inducted two new members to our small and humble Hall of Honor.

These two consistently let it be known that they are from AZTEC Municipal Schools in their busy daily lives.  


The work we have done to introduce the outstanding individuals who have graduated and helped make Aztec Schools the great place it is, well they are on display in Lillywhite gym down the Hall of Honor corridor and if you have not gone and read some of the bios you need to. We have an ex-Governor, Ace war Pilot, several Doctors, Coaches, well the list of outstanding achievements goes on and on. I know there are many more well deserving individuals out there who have walked the hall of Aztec Schools just waiting to be inducted, so please if you know of any go to the Aztec Municipal Schools website and find the Hall of Honor and at the bottom is the referral page and refer that deserving person.


The Committee is made up of:

Coach Herb Stinson                         Chairman

Kirk Carpenter                                  Vice-Chairman

Sherry Sipe                                        Secretary

Jennie Mataalii                                 Board Member

Don Greenwood                              Board Member

Patrick Swope                                  Board Member

Anna Strauss                                     Board Member


I want to thank My Board Members for all their help and guidance, and Thank you Dr. Hall for announcing the accomplishments of the two inductees.

Hall of Honor Criteria

Hall of Honor Criteria

Hall of Honor 2019-2020

Hall of honor

Mike Everrett a 1982 graduate who was an outstanding Student/Athlete and band member while attending Aztec Schools is a Major League umpire, he had called the Wildcard game between Washington and the Brewers on Tuesday October 1st behind the plate and was in Aztec Friday night for homecoming to receive his induction with his family, mother and sister.  Outstanding Young man who I had the privilege to have personally taught and coached.

Hall of Honor

Dr. Jennifer Randell (Blackmer) she was a 1988 graduate and as well an outstanding student, honor grad. Who won the David Whitney memorial scholarship (David Whitney was the grandson of CV Koogler and one of my best friends who died his senior year in a car accident)   Jennifer went on to NMSU to be a Professor in molecular Biology and is internationally renowned for her studies and body of work. I had her as well in my sociology class.