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Aztec Community Center

We share a rare partnership between the Aztec Boys and Girls Club, the City of Aztec, San Juan College, and the district at the Aztec Community Center.  We value our relationships with these organizations.

Aztec Boys and Girls Club

City Of Aztec

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Donor Recognition

We would like to express our gratitude and sincere appreciation for the following entities that have donated to the district.  We value our partnerships with these organizations and people.



Recipient Description Notes

Aztec High School

Tiger Shack

Wayne Gerry

$10,000.00 "A+ For Energy" Click here to view more information

Aztec High School:

Margie Coates, Donn Hicks, James Jacobs, Irene Barry

$20,000.00 ($5,000.00 each)  

Vista Nueva High School:

Christine Severns


Koogler Middle School:

James Kuzma, Patrick Sannes, Laura Cowell

$15,000.00 ($5,000.00 each)  

Park Avenue Elementary School:

Sherry Magee


Lydia Rippey Elementary School:

Linda Parker, Karen French

$10,000.00 ($5,000.00 each)  

McCoy Elementary School:

Becky Archuleta, Elizabeth Hjalmarson

$10,000.00 ($5,000.00 each)  

Conoco Phillips


Recipient Description Notes

Koogler Middle School

Lana Bradford, Patrick Sannes

$8,963.00 "Physics / Engineering Lab"  
District-Wide $4,087.00 for Science, Math, and / or Reading Programs  

Park Avenue Elementary School

Rachel Warren

$4,000.00 "Successful Reader"  

Lydia Rippey Elementary School

Susan Allen

$3,000.00 "Everyday Math"  

Koogler Middle School

David Porter

$2,500.00 "Expanding the Microscopic Realm"  

Lydia Rippey Elementary School

Elaine Gerry

$2,000.00 "Learning Centers are Fun"  

Lydia Rippey Elementary School

Evelyn Anderson, Sharilyn Brixner, Robin Collins, Phyllis Cod, Linda Kennedy, Amy Kynor, Donna Pipher, Ione Randleman

$2,000.00 "Science Boot camp and Artist Retreat"  

Lydia Rippey Elementary School

Maggie Ulibarri

$650.00 "Building Character Through Community Service Projects"  

Lydia Rippey Elementary School

Ione Randleman

$475.00 "Community Caring Crafts"  

Lydia Rippey Elementary School

Sarah Warren

$350.00 "Writer's Workshop"