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Travel Restrictions
Posted 11/6/20

Good afternoon,

As you likely already know the current travel restrictions require that anyone who travels out of state to an area that is designated as high-risk must quarantine for 14 days.

In addition, as we near the holidays we have learned that if staff or students host people from out of state families must also quarantine for 14 days. We have had many individuals,  staff and families, notify us that they will be traveling. Due to this, we have made the difficult decision that for the two weeks after Thanksgiving break all learning will occur online. For students who have significant disabilities will be able to continue to receive services on site

Students who are attending due to IEP related needs will continue to be able to attend during this remote learning as long as they have not traveled, or had travelers from out of state that would cause the 14 day quarantine.

The thinking around bringing students to campus the week of 12/14 is that it is a valuable thing for our students, not just academically, but social and emotional needs will also be an important part of this week and many of our students need to see teachers and staff prior to this taking place. In some cases school is so important to our students and in many respects we are all they have going for them. This allows us to make contact with our hybrid students prior to winter break, will let us provide social emotional supports, and also helps us provide materials prior to kiddos taking winter break.

In addition we will follow this same process after Winter break. School for students who are participating in hybrid services or who are in school related to special needs will be in school these days:

  • Our last hybrid day 11/20.
  • A well-earned Thanksgiving break will happen during the week of 11/23.
  • All learning will happen remotely from 11/30-12/11.
  • The week of 12/14 hybrid will resume as normal for elementary schools.
  • Winter break will kick off on 12/21 through 1/1.
  • Our in-service will be completed remotely on 1/4.
  • All learning will happen remotely from 1/8-1/18.
  • Hybrid learning will resume for elementary schools on 1/19.

Currently athletics are scheduled to start again in early January. For students to be able to participate in these activities on the day that practices start, they must have abided by the travel restrictions as well.

This was very difficult decision because face-to-face learning as critical for our students and staff. Taking steps to keep our staff and students health is also essential and under the current circumstances remote learning is the most appropriate option open to us to allow learning to continue while meeting public health requirements.