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Aztec Connects
Posted 10/30/20

Dear Families: 

Though we are apart, we are still together and that is exactly how we are going to get through our current situation. As a district, we want to support you and that is why we have partnered with Ron Price. Ron is an author, speaker, trainer, and humorist and we have partnered with him before with some training in our district. So he is family and we are excited about working with him to bring you this new program called Aztec Connects. This series will consist of 7 -10 minute YouTube videos that we plan to send out to you two times a week for the next several weeks or until we get through the COVID -19 pandemic. 

These presentations will focus on the importance of managing many different aspects of your life. 

Staying connected with you and supporting you is our number one goal at this time. Helping you reduce stress and giving you tools and techniques to deal with this current crisis are just some of the things that Ron is going to address. He is also going to provide some simple tools, tips, and techniques on how families can become more connected and improve their mental, emotional, and relational health IQ. 

Ron will be presenting and more importantly equipping you with tools and practical ideas you can use to deal with not only what we are facing right now, but with everyday life and the stresses, it can deliver. In addition to this, he is going to share techniques and ways for you to connect with the family in ways you never thought possible, remind us that we are empowered and have more control than we think when it comes to the decisions we make and many more things that are so helpful in our daily lives. Again, these YouTube presentations will be short, around 10 minutes or less, but will be full of common sense approaches that we hope will enhance your skillset in both your personal and professional life. We encourage you to watch them with your family.

Our first series is an overview of what is to come, but in it, Ron also talks about Emotional High Jacking. Enjoy and know there is a lot to come because we care about you.


Superintendent Carpenter


1- Emotional High Jacking

2- Calling a time out the right way

3- LUV

4- Love yourself

5- Germs that can destroy a relationship

6- 2 tips to bring you more peace and joy

7- Hidden issues

8- Intentional Living

9- Laughter

10- Raise conflict productively

11- Button guard 


13- Racism and prejudice

14- Attitude 

15- Clean starts

16- Change for the better

17- Perceptions


19- Hurting people will hurt people

20- Overwhelmed

21- Highly effective habits of successful people

22- Habits 4-7

23- Vulnerability



26- A list of 10

27- Look for the good

28- Phil part 1

29- Phil part 2


31- Listening 

32- Daniel Benavidez part 1

33- Daniel Benavidez part 2

34- Two local administrators share their wisdom


36- Adriene Forgette


38- Glynnis Urban part 1

39- Glynnis Urban part 2 More on the problem  



42- Aztec High School seniors part 1

43- Aztec High School seniors part 2

44- Two Teachers Share Their Thoughts part 1

45- More Great Advice From Two of Aztec's Fine Teachers

46- De-Stress your Holidays

47- Change Need Not To Be So Scary - Part 1

48- Change Need Not To Be So Scary - Part 2

49- Inspire heART with Christy Clugston

50- 4C Inspire with Cody Stovall

51 - Tap Into Effective Communication

52 - More Communication Tips

53 - 6 Feet Apart Play - Part 1

54 - 6 Feet Apart Play - Part 2

55 - Secretary of Education Dr. Ryan Stewart Part 1

56 - Secretary of Education Dr. Ryan Stewart Part 2

57 - Zoom unto others as you would have them Zoom unto you

58 - Keys to a successful life

59 - Healthy habits and best practices - Part 1

60 - Healthy habits and best practices - Part 2

61 - Out with the old, in with the new

62 - Need help?  This may be the place to turn

63 Greg Allen with San Juan Safe Communities Initiative - Part 1

64 San Juan Safe Communities - Part 2

65 Relational Needs

66 Great words to live by

67 Laughter - Part 1

68 Laughter - Part 2

69 Bob Schryver on Nutrition

70 Top Ten Tips with Lisa George