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Superintendent 2019-2020 Presentation

Looking for Perfection in SY 2020

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10/13/20 3:26 PM
4/16/18 10:30 AM

Messages From The Superintendent

Welcome to the Messages From the Superintendent Page!


Veteran's Day

I wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you that have served our Great Country. Because of your bravery we are the land of the free and we THANK YOU for that. Everyday day I thank veterans when I see them, because every day  I truly am thankful for your service.



Kirk M. Carpenter



Thank you the voters of the Aztec School district for supporting our KIDS.  We celebrate what is right with our community and celebrate what is right with this world.  You have once again shown our KIDS and STAFF they are important, supported, and that education in Aztec matters. 


The coach in me is happy for the TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) WIN!  Thank you to the Mill Committee:  Jimmy Magee, Laci Phillips, Wendy Foust Green, Taylor Martinez, and Christian Waltermire for all your dedicated work.  Thank you to Aztec Schools Administrators and all our staff that helped us spread the real message of what this funding means to our students and how it benefits their education.  Thank you to the many community members that helped spreading this message and for supporting the district with your votes. 


In the words of one of our school board president, Roger Collins, there is Virginia Tech, there is Texas Tech, there is even New Mexico Tech, but there is only one AZTEC!  WE ARE AZTEC!!


Kirk M. Carpenter

Miscellaneous Information