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Enrollment Requirements

Kindergarten / First Grade Requirements

Entry Age Kindergarten – All children entering Kindergarten in public schools must be five years old by 12:01 a.m. on September 1, 2018 as per state law-no exceptions.

Entry Age First GradeChildren admitted to a first grade program must be six years old prior to 12:01 a.m. on September 1 of the year of enrollment or have successfully completed a year of accredited public or private kindergarten or transferred from an accredited public or private school first grade program.

A copy of the child’s birth certificate and immunization record must be on file in the principal's office PRIOR to the student attending class.  Please bring proof of immunizations, residency, birth certificate and social security number and/or census number to registration.  If you are registering a student for kindergarten please bring the child with you to complete a screening.  This screening will be used to assist the schools in placing your child into a class.  Call 334-9474 for more info.

Immunization Requirements

Immunization Schedules:

New Mexico Department of Health

Immunization Requirements:

New Mexico Department of Health


Preschool students will follow a slightly different schedule for immunization per New Mexico requirements. Parents and guardians of preschool students should contact the school nurse to obtain current immunization requirements and information.


New Mexico State Law requires the following for school entrance:

  1. DPT* - Five doses given at appropriate intervals. Appropriate immunization against diptheria-tetanus-pertussis.  One dose required on/after 4th birthday.  4 doses sufficient if last dose given on/after 4th birthday.  All students 7th-12th grades require proof of 1 dose Tdap received.  1 dose of Tdap required regardless of when the last Td containing vaccine was given.
  2. Polio* - Four doses of Polio vaccine given at appropriate intervals.  Three doses sufficient if last dose given on/after 4th birthday.  For students in K-4th grades final dose required on or after 4th birthday.
  3. MMR* - Two doses of Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) at appropriate intervals.  Minimum age for 1st dose 12 months.
  4. Hepatitis B – Completion of three doses of Hepatitis B for all students.  The two dose series is acceptable for grades 6 – 12.  Two-dose Recombivax HB is valid if administered at ages 11-15 years if 2nd dose received no sooner than 16 weeks after 1st dose.
  5. Varicella –Students entering grades K through 11th must have two doses and students in grades 12 must have one dose of Varicella. Minimum age for 1st dose 12 months.  “Required for proof of Varicella immunity:  A physician diagnosis of varicella, laboratory evidence of immunity or receipt of vaccine as proof of immunity. Parental report of varicella is not sufficient proof of immunity.”
  6.  *Preschool students will follow a slightly different schedule per New Mexico requirements.

   It is a violation of the Compulsory School Attendance Law for a student to enroll who is not appropriately immunized, in the process, or properly exempted from immunization.  Aztec Schools will not allow a grace period of conditional enrollment to prove immunization status.

   An original immunization record must be presented for recording by the school upon the student’s enrollment.  Students exempted from the above requirement for medical reasons, upon registration, must submit a signed medical exemption from a duly-licensed physician attesting that the required immunization (s) would endanger the life of the child.  Students exempted from the above requirement for religious reasons must, upon registration, submit a letter written by an officer of the church on your behalf stating that you are a member of the church, and the church uses prayer or spiritual means alone for healing or complete the “Certificate of Religious Exemption Form” Parent/guardian must file the completed form with the Department of Health and then is responsible to submit the “approved” form from the Department of Health to the school.  The school nurse will file medical/religious exemptions in the student’s cumulative folder after approval.     Both medical and religious exemptions do not exceed the school year for which they are submitted and approved; they must be renewed annually. Current immunization information is available at New Mexico Department of Health.