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Current Board


Roger Collins

Position on Board:  President

Education: AHS Class of 1987, B.S. in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training NMSU

Work/Family Bio: I have enjoyed a professional career as an Athletic Trainer working primarily in the clinical/physical rehabilitation setting for 26 years now. During that time frame I initiated an Athletic Training Program at Aztec High School in the late 90’s. In addition I covered numerous athletic events from World Mountain Biking Championships to Bull Riding to State Wrestling Tournaments as well as the Connie Mack World Series. I have partnered in the ownership of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine of Northern New Mexico here in Aztec.

The highlight of my life is marrying my high school sweetheart Robin in 1994.  Robin has touched the future as an elementary education teacher at Lydia Rippey Elementary School for 26 years. Currently she is a Title I Reading Teacher.  We have an incredible son and a wonderful daughter. Carson is a freshmen at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona and Cassie is a junior at Aztec High School.

Hobbies:  I love spending time with Robin and watching Cassie play soccer and hearing about the adventures of Carson at GCU. I do enjoy playing golf.  Robin and I look forward to traveling so that we can eat at restaurants that have been showcased on "Triple D".

Number of Years on the Board: 16

Positions held on the Board: Member, Vice President, and President

Purpose of Serving on the Board: As a lifelong resident of Aztec, this community has been so good to me and my family. My dad served on the school board while I was attending Aztec Schools. It was a privilege to have him hand me my diploma when I graduated from AHS. Shout out Class of ’87! Through his example of servitude I was greatly influenced and it instilled in me a desire to give back. Being a product of public education myself, my wife teaching in the school district and with Cassie at AHS, as well as family and friends in Aztec Schools, I have a vested interest with our local educational system. My primary purpose in serving on the board is to be a voice for students, parents as well as educators. In addition, I serve to work in collaboration with administration in order to assure that they are making the right decisions for a high quality education for our students.


Paul Bandy

Position on Board:  Member


Work/Family Bio:

Number of Years on the Board: First year member




Purpose of Serving on the Board: .  

Vice President

Jimmy Dusenbery

Position on Board:  Vice President

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Work/Family Bio: I work with my family at the business that my grandfather, Jim Dusenbery, started in 1937. I have worked there fulltime for the last 29 years.  My better half is Anna Marie Dusenbery. We will have been married 24 years in December.  We met at NMSU in 1987, even though she doesn’t remember that day. She is the English instructor at Vista Nueva High School. We have two beautiful daughters: Raelynn, a Sophomore at Eastern, New Mexico and Jessiann, a 10th grader at Aztec High School.

Hobbies: outdoors: riding, camping, fishing, shooting and hunting, old automobiles

Number of Years on the Board:  6

Positions held on the Board: Member, Vice President and Secretary

Purpose of Serving on the Board: This is one way I have seen that I could contribute to my children's education and contribute to our community. 


Laci L. Phillips

Position on Board:  Member

Education: AHS Graduate, Attended NMSU and SJC

Work/Family Bio: 

While I was attending NMSU, pursuing a degree in broadcast communications, I discovered the dental industry as a chairside assistant. Twenty-seven years later, I am now a founding partner at Practice Dynamics Group where I combine my knowledge of dentistry with my passion for teams to deliver customized coaching, workshops and speaking events throughout the country.

More importantly than my professional career is my passion for my kids and the Aztec Tiger badge I wear proudly. Not only have I taken great pride in my kids, I’ve probably been there to cheer your kids on also. As I believe, it does take a village to raise responsible, respectful and productive human beings. I have been volunteering at the schools as well as wearing the Booster Mom hat since July 2010.

Hobbies: HS sports, because that is where most of our “spare” time is spent. When we are not in a gym or a stadium we prefer to be in the mountains with no service.

Number of Years on the Board:  First year member

Purpose of Serving on the Board: I believe it is time to get even more involved. Although, our kids will be out of the Aztec School system in 18 months, I am still very invested in our town, our community and our future. The only way to truly understand how to solve issues and make our future better is to ask questions, research and immerse yourself. That is my plan while I serve our community.  


Fran Dobey

Position on Board:  Secretary  

Education: Master’s Degree in Special Education from Adams State College; certified in Gifted Education and as a Media Specialist.

Work/Family Bio: After working for the Aztec Municipal School District for 28 years, I now have the honor of serving as a member of the AMSD School Board.  During my tenure with the schools I taught Pre-First, grades 3 & 4, and Gifted Education. I served as a member of the Leadership Teams at Park Avenue & Lydia Rippey Elementary Schools.  In addition, I worked in the cafeterias and as a custodian before I chose to pursue a teaching degree – starting out at San Juan College and then continuing on at Fort Lewis College. 

My son, Charles, is a fourth generation Aztec High School graduate and is currently working for the City of Aztec.  My husband, Charles, owns and operates the local education supply store in Farmington.  My mom-in-law, Charline Gaston, served the Aztec District for over 50 years as a teacher and administrator.  I am proud to be part of a family who has served the educational community for over six decades.

Hobbies: I have been a member of Pinon Hills Community Church for the past 22 years and lead a weekly Bible study here in Aztec.  I enjoy taking my dogs for daily walks and am an avid coin collector.  Each day my desire is to “add value to other people’s lives”. 

Number of Years on the Board: 3

Positions held on the Board: Secretary, Member

Purpose of Serving on the Board: Throughout my entire career, my goal has always been to make decisions based on “what’s best for children”.  Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Board Member and continue this goal.