Instruction and Federal Programs



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Each year the New Mexico Public Education Department makes provisions for the adoption of instructional materials in the various subject areas. The adoption cycle can be seen at http://ped.state.nm.us/InstructionalMaterial/index.html.  During the 2015-16 school year, instructional materials for kindergarten through eighth grade English Language Arts will be reviewed by parents, teachers and administrators who will then make recommendations for adoption in the 2016-17 school year.  For more information, please contact the Aztec Municipal School District Office of Instruction.

Becenti, Jeannie (505) 334-9505 ex.1093 Instruction Department
Englehart, Judy (505) 334-9505 ex.1076 Instruction / Federal Programs Director
Gabehart, Lynn (505) 334-9505 ex.1075 Reading Instructional Coach
Garcia, Janet (505) 334-9505 ex.1092 Instruction
Garlinghouse, Liliana (505) 334-9505 ex.1084 Bilingual Educational Assistant
Jacobs, James (505) 334-9505 ex.1009 Data and Assessment Coordinator
Sannes, Patrick (505) 334-9505 ex.1087 Instructional Coach
Saxon, Dawn (505) 334-9505 ex.1078 ELL Coordinator
Wright, Diana (505) 334-9505 ex.1075 Instructional Coach
Zah, Kimberly (505) 334-9505 ex.1077 Native American Coordinator