Indian Education

Welcome SY 2018-2019 Potluck

  • Koogler M.S. Cafeteria
  • Wednesday, September 26, 2018
  • 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Cultural Activity will coincide
  • Italian Food Theme:
    • Bring Food according to your last name, first initial
    • A-F: Italian Main Dish
    • G-K: Salad, Bread
    • L-P: Drinks, Desserts
    • Q-Z: Italian Main Dish
    • Note: Office has water, plates, napkins and silverware

Indian Education Committee Meeting, Friday, Sept. 7 at 11:00 a.m.

Aztec Board room will be the meeting place at 1118 W. Aztec Blvd.

An election will take place! Come vote and be part of the process!

Eligible parent/guardian needs to have a child with a CIB on file going to an Aztec school!

Agenda will follow soon.


IEC Special Meeting Today, Friday, August 17 at 4:30 p.m.

Aztec Board room 1118 W. Aztec Blvd. see News for Draft Agenda

Navajo Clothing and School Supplies SY 2018-2019

Navajo School Clothing forms begins Monday, August 6 and Ends, Wednesday, August 22nd!

  • One parent needs to provide Census #. If fostered/adopted by non-Navajo, then no census # is needed by guardian.
  • Copy of Child's Certificate of Indian Blood
  • Need height and weight of student
  • Need clothing size for jacket, pant, shoes (Clothing arrives until 3 to 4 months so adjust if necessary)
  • Child needs to be registered in the Aztec district

Native American Student Supplies begin Monday, August 13 and Ends Friday, August 31st!

  • Copy of Certificate of Indian blood is needed per child
  • Only students registered with Aztec district are eligible
  • Middle and High School students can pick up general supply OR wait to receive specific Teacher list

Title VI 506 Form to be filled out at this time

Zah, Kimberly
Native American Coordinator

Indian Education Committees

School Year 2018-2019

JOM Indian Education Committee
Chairperson: Cassandra Begay
Secretary: LaCreesha Wilson


Title VI Parent/Teacher/Student Advisory Committee

Chairperson: Cassandra Begay 


Secretary: LaCreesha Wilson

TeacherMrs. Gustamantes

Student 11th or 12th: Vacant 

Navajo School Clothing Program SY 18-19

Begins Monday, August 6 and last day will be Wednesday, August 22rd!

Parents fill out forms at the American Indian Office at Central Office, 1118 W. Aztec Blvd.

We need parents census number and a copy of the child's certificate of Indian blood. Please have height and weight measurements and note that clothing comes in December or January so adjust size, if necessary. 

Students between the ages of 3-13 years are eligible with CIB

Any questions, call or email the Coordinator.